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Return Policy

Return Policy

CHANGES TO PRODUCTS, PRICING, AND TERMS; TERMINATION. We may change the prices for Our Products at any time, with notice, and You will be charged the new price for all future purchases or renewals of Products. We may not offer every Product on every Site or through every channel, and we may also modify or discontinue any of Our Products or this Site (or any portion of Our Products or the Site) or cancel, suspend or terminate this Agreement for any reason with or without notice. If we do cancel this Agreement or any entire Product You have purchased, We will give You a pro-rated refund for any Products purchased but not yet provided. If We only modify a Product or discontinue a Product feature or features, Your only recourse is to cancel Your Product in accordance with Section 10 of this Agreement. We may amend this agreement from time-to-time. When We amend this agreement, We will post the amended Agreement on the Site. Your continued use of the Site or Products or payment for the Products constitutes Your acceptance of the amended Agreement. If you do not accept the new Agreement, you must cancel your Product within 30 days of when we emailed or mailed you the notice. You also agree to an amended Agreement if you take other actions that demonstrate You have accepted the amended Agreement.

PRODUCT AVAILABILITY. Certain Products and/or Product features may not be offered, applicable or available to You, and this might be based on residency, age or other eligibility criteria or other factors. In the event that a Product is not available at the time of enrollment, You will be notified during the course of the registration process and your registration will not be accepted. In such cases, You may be advised of one or more alternative Products, to the extent that other Products are available. In the event that You are advised of the availability of alternative Products, You should carefully evaluate any such Product to determine its suitability. In addition to the foregoing, We reserve the right to reject Your Registration for any reason. We may also reject any Product order for any reason. By registering on this Site or through your employer, You agree that We will not be liable to You for loss or damage that may result from Our rejection of any order that You may attempt to place.

PRODUCTS VARY. All of Our Products do not include the same features and benefits. Prior to purchasing any Product, You should evaluate the features and benefits included in each Product by reviewing the Product descriptions and other Product literature contained in the Site or other sources, such as the summary of benefits or other enrollment materials. Should You have any questions regarding Our Products, You should contact Our Customer Care Center prior to purchasing any Product. If You are already a Member, please visit the Site to obtain a complete description of Your Product, the features it contains, and instructions regarding how to use it. If You are already a Member and subsequently determine that another Product may be more suitable for Your needs, then Our Customer Care Team may be able to assist You in substituting Your current Product for another Product. Note that such substitutions may result in the imposition of a higher membership fee.

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